Day: May 4, 2023

The Best Dispensaries in Las VegasThe Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on July 1, 2017, the entertainment capital of the world has had no shortage of dispensarys in vegas locations. The Strip is home to one of the largest cannabis superstores in the world, Planet 13, while other shops wow customers with interactive displays, cannabis kitchens and spa-like environs. It’s a competitive market, and a handful of operators have carved out their own niche.

What drugs are illegal in Vegas?

One example is Cookies, owned by legendary cannabis grower Barry Berner. The chain is a Vegas staple that has mastered the art of personability. With an emphasis on quality and a branded line of products, Berner has built loyalty with a revolving crowd of tourists that return to Las Vegas regularly.

Another popular choice is Essence. With multiple locations (including one on the Strip), this bright, clean shop has an Apple Store feel and focuses on customer service and selection. Their extensive list of discounts — including veterans, students and seniors — helps keep prices low and attracts regulars.

Aside from the aforementioned discounts, several dispensaries offer additional deals and rewards to loyal customers. These include free weed on your birthday, a free vape juice on your first purchase and rewards for frequent shoppers. It’s worth checking online for updates, as many dispensary offers are time-limited.