Day: September 25, 2023

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Employment BOOST provides professional resume writing services, coaching and outplacement services to clients throughout New York City. With a team of tier-1 career experts, they use a combination of research and strategy to deliver a tailored product that will help you get the job.

Career Boost Resume The Writing work experience section is a key element for any resume. It is important to include your best achievements and highlight skills that match the company’s needs. It’s also a good idea to highlight your most recent roles first, as this is the most relevant information for employers.

Keep your education section short and concise. Hiring managers will pay more attention to your work history than your education, so put your previous positions first and only list the most relevant information.

Career Boost Resume Writing: Crafting Your Path to Success

If you have a long gap in your career, be sure to include a brief explanation of why you left each position, such as “company closed,” “relocated to new city,” or “layoff from corporate restructuring.” This will help prevent an interviewer from asking why you left.

Demonstrate your soft skills, such as leadership and communication, by describing them in action. Be careful not to overdo it, as describing your soft skills as a “strong leader” or an “effective communicator” may sound over-the-top and unprofessional. Instead, give examples of how you have exhibited these qualities in your past positions. This will show an employer that you are a hard worker and will be a valuable asset to their team.

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