Day: December 6, 2023

Iceland’s Wildlife and Nature ToursIceland’s Wildlife and Nature Tours

Icelands Wildlife and Nature Tours

Iceland’s Wildlife and Nature Tours of Fire and Ice is home to a diverse array of animals. Whether you’re interested in puffins, whales, Arctic foxes or horseback riding, there’s a wildlife experience to suit you on an Iceland tour. The country’s rugged, remote landscapes support a wealth of flora and fauna, including field mice, mink, rabbits and reindeer. It’s also home to an incredible variety of birds.

Iceland is famous for its puffins, and with good reason: around 60% of the world’s population nests here. You’ll spot these inquisitive seabirds soaring overhead, bobbing on the water’s surface and perched along cliff edges with fish dangling from their beaks. Their attempts to land on the sea often end in comical flops as their tiny wings flap frantically. Puffins are particularly plentiful in spring and summer.

Nature’s Symphony: A Journey through Iceland’s Rich Biodiversity on Wildlife Tours

Whale enthusiasts can take part in peaceful whale watching tours all year round, but the prime time to see these magnificent creatures is from mid-June to late August. The Vatnsnes and Snaefellsnes Peninsulas are the best places for sightings, while Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is a popular destination.

You can also visit Hornstrandir nature reserve to see Atlantic puffins in a pristine environment. Located at the furthest west tip of the Westfjords, this secluded area is accessible by boat and offers views of spectacular mountains on all sides. Hornstrandir is also a fantastic place to see Arctic foxes, which aren’t as scared of humans as they are in some other parts of the country and therefore are quite confiding.…