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Spray Foam Insulation Glen RoseSpray Foam Insulation Glen Rose

Spray foam insulation Glen Rose fills any space in your home or building to create a tight air seal. It stops drafts, lowers your energy bills, and keeps your home or commercial building cozier in winter and cooler in summer. This insulating material is made of two liquid chemicals that mix as they are sprayed with a gun. The foam expands to 30 to 60 times its original volume, insulating the entire crawl space or wall. It can be sprayed into attics, crawl spaces, and rim joists in existing homes or sprayed onto walls and concrete block in new construction homes and pole barns.

Unlike fiberglass rolls or blown cellulose, spray foam doesn’t need to be replaced after a few years like other insulation materials. This helps reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and aids in energy conservation. Spray foam also doesn’t get damaged by water and can last as long as your home or building stands.

Insulating Glen Rose: How All-Out Insulation Keeps Homes Comfortable Year-Round

Closed-cell spray foam may go on moist and malleable but it dries into a stiff substance that provides enhanced structural stability. It also offers a higher R-value per inch of foam than open-cell spray foam. The R-value measures how well the insulation blocks outside air and moisture from getting inside. Closed-cell spray foam is also more odor-free than open-cell foam.

Central Texas Spray Foam Insulation uses a nontoxic, closed-cell, spray polyurethane foam that is made with an environmentally friendly soy base. This foam is called HEATLOK SOY(r). It uses recycled plastic waste to create a rigid insulation with an industry-leading R-value of six to seven per inch.

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