Day: February 7, 2024

Essential Stairlift Safety FeaturesEssential Stairlift Safety Features

Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Every snagging company should be fitted with essential safety features. These help prevent accidents and make sure you can continue to move around your home without worry. This includes safety sensors to ensure the stairlift doesn’t run into anything on the stairs. Also, a seat belt keeps you secure in the seat and prevents falls. For perch and standing stairlifts, it is especially important, as stepping out of the seat can be dangerous for those with balance issues.

Safety features to help prevent accidents

The number one stairlift safety feature is the emergency stop button. This stops the lift in an instant, preventing injuries from sudden movement.

Another key safety feature is the obstruction sensor. This is a vital addition to the design of any stairlift, as it detects obstacles and shuts off power to prevent them from moving through. This reduces the risk of damage or injury to you and anyone else using the lift.

Other options that aren’t necessarily safety-related but do help improve the overall experience of using a stairlift include a locking swivel seat to avoid accidentally spinning away when getting on or off the chair, and foldable footrests that can be moved out of the way when not in use. This helps to prevent other people walking by from tripping over them or having to maneuver around them.

Of course, the most important factor in preventing accidents is being careful when using your stairlift and getting it regularly checked by professionals. Using your stairlift as intended and keeping it in good condition will allow you to safely move around your home for years to come.