Day: April 14, 2024

The Top Online Games For Historical EnthusiastsThe Top Online Games For Historical Enthusiasts

Video games are a rich and varied genre that can offer up all sorts of experiences and worlds. From walking with dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution to chatting about Peaky Blinders with a samurai expert in Ghost of Tsushima, there’s an awful lot that we can learn from the many historical settings that video game designers have created.

The Assassin’s Creed เกมยิงปลา สนุกสนานและเร้าใจ series is an obvious choice for a game that is based on history, but it really stands out for the care with which the games are created, particularly in their historical accuracy. While it does take some liberties with the main character, making sure they’re present at a collection of momentous historical occasions (looking at you Declaration of Independence), the rest of the games are incredibly detailed, offering players an immersive experience in everything from Renaissance Italy to Victorian London and beyond.

The Top Online Games for Historical Enthusiasts

Other examples of great history games include the Total War series – while arguably not as historically accurate as they could be, they’re still a very enjoyable way to explore the past, with settings ranging from ancient Rome to 16th-century feudal Japan. Similarly, the Campaigns in Company of Heroes take a different approach to most other World War 2 games by putting you in command of small squads, highlighting the importance of a tight formation and smart tactics over sheer numbers.

For something a little bit more academic, Supremacy 1914 is a fantastic strategy MMO that lets you lead one of the world’s major nations through the First World War. While it can be a little repetitive at times, its painterly visuals and unique learning opportunities make it worth picking up. Likewise, 11-11 Memories Retold may be a little on the staid side, but its stunning painterly visuals are undeniably impressive and a great way to learn about Impressionist art.