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Fine Line ArtistsFine Line Artists


fine line artistsfine line artists require an artist to have a steady hand and accurate line work. They are often very detailed, and mistakes can ruin the aesthetics of the design. Therefore, fine line tattoos are considered the most difficult style to perfect. Because of this, fine line tattoos have a small margin of error.

A fine line artist needs a steady hand and a delicate eye. She must be able to use color in a subtle way, and must be able to work quickly and accurately. Her focus is on floral tattoos and micro tattoos, but also occasionally works on larger pieces. Her tattoos are beautiful and intricate, but she also does some quirky pieces for her customers.

A fine line tattoo is a good choice for your first tattoo, but it will eventually fade. Over time, the body’s immune system will remove part of the ink, and exposure to UV rays will break the ink down into smaller particles. In addition, the white blood cells in your body will remove these broken pieces. A fine line tattoo is much more likely to fade over time than a solid black tattoo.

Another fine line artist is T. Radz, who creates tattoos of powerful and feminine women. Her work is centered on women figures and is very detailed, often requiring many layers of shading to create a beautiful tattoo. Many of her tattoos are small, making them easy to cover up.