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Cresco – Live Resin and Rosin

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As cannabis concentrates become increasingly popular, finding the right cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile is a big priority for many consumers. Finding that perfect match can take some trial and error. But with Cresco’s selection of Live Resin, it’s easier than ever to hone in on your preferences.

Unlike cured resin, which is made from dried plant material, live resin is produced using flash-frozen plants that are kept frozen throughout the extraction process. This allows the terpenes to be preserved. As a result, live resin can taste more like the original plant. This can be a huge benefit for many people, especially cannabis connoisseurs.

Because live resin is so incredibly potent, a little goes a long way. That’s why some people prefer to add a dab of live resin to their joint or bowl. Adding the extra flavor and aroma of this powerful concentrate can create an experience that’s more intense and full-bodied than combustion alone.

Live Resin: Extraction Methods and Benefits Explained

Rosin is also a great addition to a dab or can be used as a topper to a bowl. Since it’s typically derived from cured buds, rosin is slightly more potent than live resin.

Both live resin and rosin are available in a variety of textures, from sticky sap to hard taffy, badder/budder, and sauce. The texture of a particular extract is determined by the type of plant that’s used and the freezing and extraction processes. However, despite their different textures, these types of concentrates can be used in the same ways. Dabbing, inhalation, and ingesting are the most common uses of these potent extracts.

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