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Full Service Medical Billing

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For many healthcare practices, a dedicated medical biller can be a critical member of the team. However, hiring and retaining top-notch billing professionals can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process — especially in an economy where the availability of experienced staffers is low.

What are the types of billing machine?

Ultimately, outsourcing your medical billing to a third party can be an excellent way to free up in-house resources and improve revenue cycles. But before you can make that decision, you need to evaluate the best medical billing partner for your specific practice. Go here :

Cost is a critical factor in any business, and the choice of whether to handle your medical billing in-house or outsource it is no exception. When evaluating in-house versus outsourced services, you must consider the cost of hiring a certified medical coder and the percentage or per-claim fee charged by the billing service.

A good medical billing partner will offer a variety of pricing models that suit both your budget and your needs. They typically charge a percentage of net collections, although some will also use per-claim fees or a combination of these.

Some companies will handle the entire RCM cycle — insurance eligibility verification, patient statements, patient balance follow-up and billing — while others focus solely on submitting claims. Regardless, you should request a breakdown of their RCM process in writing to ensure that every element of your billing operations is covered.

A medical billing company that is experienced at collecting payments from patients and payers can significantly reduce your collection time, which can help you increase cash flow. In addition, they can help you pursue denied claims and collect fees if they are due.

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