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How to Use a List of Words to Block Comments on Facebook

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If you’re a Page admin, there are many tools available to you that can prevent spammy or offensive comments from being visible on your Facebook Page. One of the easiest is to use the profanity filter in your Page settings — this will hide comments that contain strong language, and it’s something that every Page should have turned on by default.

How do I block comments with certain words on Facebook?

Another option is to use the Page moderation word list — this allows you to add a set of words, phrases or emojis that will automatically be hidden from view for anyone who comments on your Page. You can enter your blacklisted words manually or upload a CSV file. You can also select whether you want to exclude common misspellings, plurals, abbreviations or words that contain numbers or symbols.

When you list of words to block comments on facebook csv, any new comment on your Page that contains those words or emojis will be hidden from everyone except for you (and other Pages admins/moderators and the person who posted the comment) and their friends. This can be particularly useful for faith-based Pages that don’t want to show controversial content to their followers.

Note that using the page moderation word list doesn’t replace the profanity filter — it’s important to keep both of these tools enabled at all times so that you don’t accidentally block legitimate comments. It’s also recommended that you don’t repeat blocked keywords in both lists, as doing so could potentially result in some comments being hidden incorrectly.

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