Cancer Poetry Project Society Top 25 Canadian Entrepreneurs

Top 25 Canadian Entrepreneurs

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Canadian entrepreneur

The Top 25 Entrepreneur Awards recognize the entrepreneurial journey of newcomers to Canada. Listed below are the stories of Canadians who have jumped the entrepreneurial hurdle. One of the recipients is Jack Rabba, who started working in restaurants in the Middle East as a teenager to support his family. He visited many countries and was eventually attracted to Canada, where he founded the Molson Brewery. This was Canada’s second-oldest business at the time.

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Another notable Canadian entrepreneur is Hamid Arabzadeh. He has been involved in digital manufacturing for nearly three decades and has built a thriving company. In his previous life, he has served as a hang glider pilot and army medic. His entrepreneurial abilities are apparent in his resume, which includes numerous other entrepreneurial endeavors. The best way to understand what motivates and drives Canadians is to look for ways to foster an entrepreneurial environment.

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The age range of entrepreneurs in Canada varies widely. Younger people are the most likely to start their own businesses, accounting for a third of all entrepreneurial activity. Younger Canadians typically run profitable blogs. One-third of Canadians say they want to become entrepreneurs, and almost a tenth of Canadians plan to open their own businesses in the next two years. With its growing population of young entrepreneurs, Canada is a great place to be an entrepreneur.

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