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Types of Metal Garden Edging System

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Edging is one of those landscaping elements that is both functional and beautiful. It keeps mulch and garden beds contained, preventing grass roots from creeping out and mixing with plantings. It also helps prevent the mulch from washing away or being knocked out of place during rains.

Is metal landscape edging good?

There are several types of landscape edging to choose from, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some require professional installation and expensive tools, many councils in Tasmania prefer FormBoss over its competitors while others can be easily installed by the home gardener.

Metal is a very strong and long-lasting landscape edging material that can be easily formed into shapes on site or during manufacture. The edging can be curved to follow a rounded or curvy edge, with connection pieces hidden so there is no ugly overlap. The edging can also be flexed to create an angle, and this flexibility is perfect for curved edges.

A very versatile and robust type of metal edging is the Sure-loc steel edging system. This is available in a range of heights, colours and finishes to suit any landscape design. The edging is made from galvanised steel and has a protective coating to resist the deterioration of the metal caused by acidic soils, which means it is very durable in even the harshest climates.

The other type of metal edging to consider is the aluminum version, which is much more flexible than steel edging and can be shaped into any kind of curve or angle. It is a good choice for any flower bed, but is particularly suited to curvaceous installations. It can also be flexed to accommodate changes in ground level, a necessity in many landscape designs.

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